Mother Of The Year…In Columbia


As my children clamber into the car after school…

Xavier: “Mother, we need to talk.”

Me: “Um, okay?”

Xavier: “Remember how every time grandpa brings powdered doughnuts over, you tell me I have a ‘Tony Montana moustache’, and I thought that just meant a big moustache?”

Me: (giggling) “Okay, yeah?”

Xavier: “Today, my teacher was eating a powdered doughnut…”

Me: “Ohhhhh, nooooo.”

Xavier: “Exactly.”


28 thoughts on “Mother Of The Year…In Columbia

  1. Brian

    Or “Say hello to my little friend” might be more accurate.

    Dang it. Just loses all the impact wen you can’t deliver the punch line right.

  2. Doug in Oakland

    Hostess O’s. They have what looks like a half an ounce of powdered sugar in the bottom of the box, which I may or may not have used to make a somewhat cruel joke at a party one time…

      • I don’t know about that… An acquaintance of mine at work was telling me that the principal called her down to the officer for an intervention because her son said to a classmate (who’s overweight), “…maybe you shouldn’t be eating so much because you’re gaining too much winter fat…”

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