Wait For It…Wait For It…


(Looking at a stuffed animal her brother won in a contest.)

Caolinn: “Xavier, you said it was 11-inches tall.  This is like 7 inches at the MOST.”

Me: “Yes, Caol, it’s time you learned that men frequently lie about size.”

Caolinn: *blank confused look*

(ten minutes later…)

Caolinn: “MOTHER!!!  You are AWFUL!!!”

42 thoughts on “Wait For It…Wait For It…

  1. Doug in Oakland

    I have never understood why a man would lie to a woman about the size of his penis. What would be the point? To make absolutely certain that she’ll be disappointed if she does decide to have sex with you? I mean, if you didn’t lie, you at least had a chance…

  2. Randstein

    Oh the much maligned miscalculations of the varied units of measurement when truly what matters most is one’s depth perception. And, in any study worth the effort, the more the samples the greater the precision. Results can very widely so it’s best to assign an error budget of uncertainty, like 6″ plus or minus 3″. Life is hard. Its harder with science. 🙂

  3. It need only be long enough to stay in long enough. But it need be wide enough to know it’s in. And out. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And, hopefully, a bunch more et ceteras.

      • I’ll tell you what needs to be a PSA. I have switched allegiances from Missy Elliott (you’ll see what I mean in a minute, I think). Oh em gee (goodness, of course), did I find the most amazing stuff last night–where have I BEEN all my life, to miss this sh#t?! I have GOT to share, and–since I just woke up (late) and my fingers went immediately to keyboard, and you are the lucky lady who will appreciate it, HERE you go
        There’s a WHOLE bunch more where that came from–stuff goin’ back to the 30’s. HAWT women, sayin’ HAWT thangs. LOVE IT!!!!

      • I see the link try failed, and I don’t want to stick the youtube in to have the whole thing display. Too thick to think, so in your spare moments, search youtube for Denise LaSalle “Lick It”. You will be richly rewarded, Meg.

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