New Plug-In Scent…Vanilla And Crotch-Sweat


For those of you who are new, I teach teenagers who have emotional and behavioral disorders.  For the record, I’d like to meet a teenager who DOESN’T have an emotional or behavioral disorder, and frankly, I think my kids are WAY more awesome than most kids.

D’Avonte: “It smells like ass in here.”

Me: “Sorry to hear that.  You want to sit closer to the Plug-In?”

D’Avonte: “That doesn’t work, because then I just smell pine trees and ass.”

Me: *shrugs*

D’Avonte: “Can’t we open a window?”

Me: “The windows don’t open.”

D’Avonte: (pauses) “Is it because we’re…you know…crazy?”

Me: “What?”

D’Avonte: “You know, they’re afraid we’ll jump out the windows and kill ourselves.”

Me: “Honey…”

D’Avonte: “Yeah.”

Me: “We’re on the first floor.”

45 thoughts on “New Plug-In Scent…Vanilla And Crotch-Sweat

  1. In the UK, Axe is called Lynx. When a guy in my work once used so much it was making our eyes water, a colleague asked him what it was.
    “Lynx.” he replied, to which I immediately stated “Pork links by the smell of it.”

  2. Randstein

    Only in institutionalized learning do we have the gustatory appetence of ass in a room with windows that don’t open to protect jumpers on the first floor. And sadly, it’s all necessary because when one researches the inane policies of government we find that statistically people will and have jumped out the window of the first floor to escape some ass and was injured, sued, and became independently wealthy at the taxpayers expense. Unless of course you work in a privately funded facility and then it’s just a mere oversight. I agree with Davonte. Nothing is worse than an environment that smells like someone pooped a pine tree. 🙂

    • The best sort of treasure, right? D’A is better than that giant pile of treasure in Pirates of the Caribbean, that made me want to jump out of the boat, when I was a kid. 🙂

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