Damn You, Netflix…You’re Making Me Creepy


(Yet another text conversation gone wrong.)

Ryan: There’s nothing like the smell of spring practice.  The dead grass…the ridiculous parental expectations.

Me: Has any one talked, yet, about the time they “went to state”?

Ryan: Fortunately, those parents are all at Pop Warner.  There actually aren’t that many parents here.  It’s quiet.  Too quiet…

Me: Ruh Roh.  That’s how it always is right before someone trips over what they think is a helmet, and it turns out to be a severed human head.

Ryan: Megan…

Me: Yes…

Ryan: Stop binge watching Bones.  Immediately.

24 thoughts on “Damn You, Netflix…You’re Making Me Creepy

  1. Yes. I had this problem when i was binge watching Bones. I felt certain every clumpy bit of debris I passed on the highway was a missing person waiting for me to stumble across their remains.

  2. Bones is my favorite Netflix binge series…I guffawed when I saw the Widow’s Son skeleton at the top of your post. “Oh, it’s all fun and games until someone trips on a severed head.” Or gets a foot lodged in a chest cavity…

  3. Storm Chaser

    Thanks for the warning to never watch Bones…….I binge watched Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones and everyone in my dreams had accents for weeks…..I can’t imagine what would happen if I watched a show where hidden corpses popped up.

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