Damn It, WordPress…You’re Making Me More Insane Than I Already Was






***Guys something weird happened with this post today, when I scheduled it to hit later in the day, and it didn’t allow comments, etc, so I’m re-posting.  Not that you WANTED to comment, but fuck if I know.***


Me: “Okay, what did we learn the three states of matter are?”

Class: “Solids, Liquids, and Gasses!”

Me: “Awesome! Now, which state is generally the coldest?”

Student: “Alaska!”

Me: *facepalm*

40 thoughts on “Damn It, WordPress…You’re Making Me More Insane Than I Already Was

  1. Ooo! Ooo! Teacher! Can I be the first? Can I? Can I? (waving hand wildly)

    Me: Why did that kid ask such a dumb question?
    Meg: I don’t know–Alaska.

    (SO hoping it was a girl-type student.)

    BTW, I submitted this earlier, and it is likely the advanced age of the joke which broke WP.

  2. WP does do glitchy things like this. Like the time all my comments went right to SPAM. And people were denied seeing my comments and so a lot of people became dpressed and some even got the flu and two ladies became sterile. But then it was fixed. But those ladies are still sterile. Alaska is cold.

  3. Robert Mitchell

    Coincidence: A couple weeks ago I went to Boca Raton. When I left VA it was 16. I get to FL and the digits are flipped, it’s 61, and everybody’s wearing coats. “You brought the cold with you!” they say, and I’m driving around with windows down.

    • Ha! That’s what we said when a zillion people descended from Seattle for the Super Bowl, and for the first time in….years (?) we had legit rain and fog. Hey, guys…welcome to the warmest place on Earth…USUALLY.

  4. elitosphere

    See… this is why our education system needs re-evaluating. How was that student wrong?
    And hate to rub it in your face (HA! yeah, right!) but it was about 30°C here yesterday…

      • elitosphere

        As would I!! But not for an entire season… just long enough to feel the tingling in my nips, and then back to tropical weather for me, thankyouverymuch!

      • Brian

        You want a legit winter? C’mon up to my corner of NY some February. We went from Jan 27 thru March 1 with the temperature never getting above freezing. Ever. Now – that’s not bad ass like Alaska or Canada, but for us? It was a record setter. Coldest February in the history of record keeping. When it hits 50 we’re busting out the shorts and thinking golf! Soon as all this damn snow melts . . .

  5. You know, back in my day, if the teacher didn’t specify in the question, even the AP students would snark the living shit out of the question. This sort of response would have been perfectly natural…

    You know, like, “… which of THESE THREE STATES OF MATTER is generally the coldest…”

    Hell, I even participated in this sort of snarking (and worse). Look what I did to my AP English Teacher:

    Mrs. Scanlon: You see I’m 29 and holding….

    Me: Since the Battle of Hastings.

    Mrs. Scanlon: Go to Mr. Morin’s Office and explain to him why that is so funny.

    Sure, I spent some time in the principal’s office. Sure he laughed when he realized why I was there and told me not to do it again. But unless you keep a tight reign on the subject, then the students will always find a way to get around it with humor.

  6. Randstein

    Its the new smartphone attention disorder (SAD). If you ask Siri the same question, you get Alaska. How are kids ever going to learn the truth if their phone lies to them all the time?

      • Randstein

        Bwaaa haa haa! Auto-correct is the digital equivalent of tourette’s syndrome. I spend more time correcting auto-correct than I do composing messages. AND! I paid good money for that abuse.

      • Randstein

        The government has rescinded all policies that require correct spelling and punctuation in all office correspondence. It’s impossible to enforce. It only holds on barely because a lot of the elderly administrative assistants refuse to use computers and still use their IBM electric typewriter they learned on in 1968. They are also three times more productive because they aren’t surfing porn on the computer all day. Alas, we evolve toward the ape not from him.

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