Kid…We’re Upping Your Adderall.



While hanging out at my parent’s house…

Caolinn: “Stop touching mom’s phone!”

My dad: “What?  What’s happening?”

Me: “Nothing, Dad.  My son just keeps touching my phone.”

Xavier: “Wait…your son?  Is it me?”

Me: “Are you touching my phone?”

Xavier: “No.”  (looks at Liam, holding my phone) “Oh…your other son.”

Caolinn: (under her breath) “Idiot.”


26 thoughts on “Kid…We’re Upping Your Adderall.

  1. Now THAT’s an impressive sense of self, when a twin forgets he is one of two. Although perhaps it’s more like an impressive sense of guilt related to past trespasses…?

  2. Doug in Oakland

    He’s like a cat, being interested in the thing you pay attention to, but unlike a cat, he could actually read your texts.

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