10 Bonus Points For Using Profanity Correctly, Kid.



The assignment was to write a five sentence paragraph summarizing a short article about things that live on (and in) our bodies.  This was my favorite response, for obvious reasons.

There are lots of bugs that be livin on our bodies.  I can’t believe that they be hidin on yo skin and get in your hers [hairs]!  But hey they better leave me alone cuz if they fuck with me, I’m gonna git em.  That’s four sentences just like you said Ms. M.  I can’t believe you made me read this stupid story about them NASTY BUGS so now I can’t sleep at night.

49 thoughts on “10 Bonus Points For Using Profanity Correctly, Kid.

  1. Your kids know what sentences are, and know to think it–say it–write it? Sh#t: I had a friend teaching Freshman Remedial Writing 101 in college whose kids’ papers weren’t that articulate and interesting.

    You clearly have some skills, Teach!

  2. Doug in Oakland

    That kid should be writing for the Washington Post. Jennifer Rubin and Richard Cohen consistently publish writing inferior to this. And of course you should get some credit (and maybe a percentage…)

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