Sure, He’s Hot, But He Uses “Vintage” For His Dick Pics.


Seamus: (Reading from his phone.) “This study claims that men who take lots of selfies are generally crazy.”

Me: “Ruh roh…having some self-reflection?”

Seamus: “Apparently, men who post them unaltered have poor impulse control andย have a higher incidence of being psychopaths, but men who edit them and add filters before posting are just plain old narcissists. ย I always edit.”

Me: “So, the only thing keeping you from being a fucking serial killer…is a sepia filter.”

Seamus: “I better keep editing my photos.”

Me: “You better stop eating your neighbors.”

38 thoughts on “Sure, He’s Hot, But He Uses “Vintage” For His Dick Pics.

  1. Doug in Oakland

    The people I read who have issues with narcissists call them narcs, which for some reason I find hilarious.
    My phone doesn’t even have a camera, but I still don’t want to eat any of my neighbors. Well, maybe one of them.

  2. I don’t know what’s worse… The fact that some idiots paid a grant for this sort of study or the news that’s actually talking about it. I should make a proposal for a grant for a study: how bored news desks are for taking the time to air such bullshit ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. This one cracks me up! To think..the only thing separating a self absorbed guy from a cannibalistic crazy is the choice between red eye removal and spontaneous posting! Freud would be thrilled!

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