Going To Hell? ROOMIES!?


Proof that heaven is even more badass, now.

(A text conversation…)

Me: I’m in the waiting room for the kid’s doctor…  First, they were playing Michael Bolton, and now it’s Patrick Swayze’s She’s Like the Wind.  Now, *I* need a friggin’ doctor.

Ryan: Patrick Swayze should never sing.

Me: Well, yeah…especially now that he’s dead.

Ryan: Oooooo….

Me: Too soon?

Ryan: No, too soon would be changing the words to, ‘He’s In the Wind”.

Me: My turn.  Ooooooooooo..

14 thoughts on “Going To Hell? ROOMIES!?

  1. elitosphere

    You know what I love about you, Meg? Every time one of your posts makes me gasp, I realize that I’ve got some semblance of sensibilities, after all. So… that’s got to go.

  2. Just a quick FYI: WP dropped you and many others from my Follows, and many from my FollowERs. We all know WP likes to drop folks on occasion, just to stir the pot–perhaps their secret plot to get us to try out newer blogs 😉 –but this was a pre-holiday slaughter which I am learning occurred to many.

    Had a heck of a time re-following you (“WHAT is the name of her site? Oh, shoot–what are her boys names? Her daughter? C’mon: You KNOW you know them!”). Scraped my senile synapses and finally arrived. Glad to be grinning again.

    I am going to save off my Followed and Followers lists before the next pogrom. You may wish to.

      • Doug in Oakland

        Good theory, but I don’t think they sell them there. It’s just a bunch of people in a room waiting for their prescriptions to be filled. What I find horrifying is that they can change the channel if they want, but they don’t. I usually wait outside.

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