It’s Almost 2015, Why Don’t We Have Hover-Cars, Already!?


Me: “Okay, but I want to wait until 8 to go, because right now EVERYONE will be shopping after work, and the parking will be ridiculous.”

Caolinn: “How bad can the parking be at Pier One. Β It’s not like THAT many people go Christmas shopping there.”

Me: “Yeah, but that plaza also has a Best Buy, a Michaels, a Target, and a Mervyns, so the parking is insane.”

Caolinn: “What’s a Mervyns?”

Xavier: “I’m pretty sure it’s shop for wizards.”

Me: (sigh)

33 thoughts on “It’s Almost 2015, Why Don’t We Have Hover-Cars, Already!?

  1. Shopping is a torture at the best of times – and Christmas is definitely NOT the best of times!

    My family live on the other side of the country so they get gift vouchers (which i can buy anytime and avoid the crazies) and we’re flying out on Christmas Eve so no presents to buy here either πŸ™‚ – although I think he’s assuming I’ve packed something for him…. ummmm no, isn’t an overseas holiday enough?

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful festive season and an awesome New Year.

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TANSIA!!!!!!!!!!! And I agree…traveling in the middle of this is QUITE enough. God, I love a good gift card. Ryan got me one for my favorite restaurant, and I swear it’s more romantic than all the panties in the world. lol

  2. Doug in Oakland

    I believe you about the gift card; all the panties in the world just don’t seem that romantic to me. For one thing, there are billions of them, which would get tedious after the first few truckloads. And for another, a great number of them are being worn by girls (and boys) who may not want to take them off on a whim…

  3. Given how people drive with cellphones either attached to their ears or looking at the screen because well… They don’t seem to know that cars don’t come with auto-pilots I’m really glad there aren’t any flying cars/hover cars yet. Can you imagine the chaos cause by impatience? I can… And it would involve lots of casualties. πŸ˜€

    And Mervyn’s? I thought they went out of business?

  4. OMG! I hate shopping…Christmas or otherwise! Ugh! Until this year! I had a brand new baby niece to shop for! Now that was awesome! I had to put myself on a budget before I got to Dillard’s and bought out the baby dept! πŸ˜‰
    Hope your Christmas was Merry….

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