Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Folly

I went conservative.  Or my version of conservative...

I went conservative. Or my version of conservative…

While shopping at Target for an ornament exchange I was attending, for an organization I’m involved with, that supports and connects LGBTQ community members with peers and some straight allies.

Caolinn: “What do you want to get?”

Me: “It has to be a un-traditional and fun, bordering on campy.  Those are the ones that everyone fights over.”

Caolinn: “How about this one?  It’s masculine, but also sort of sexy.”  (Holds up Superman ornament complete with abs.)

Me: “Lesbians outnumber the men 10:1 at this thing, I have to find something for my ladies who like ladies.  Wait…do they have Wonder Woman?”

Caolinn: “Nope, but they have this…”  (smirking)



Me: “Too far.”


(Ironically, someone else brought it, and it was a huge hit.  *sigh*)

15 thoughts on “Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Folly

  1. Ok I’m dying from the kitty one. Too bad you didn’t know enough in advance, you could have made one on zazzle for cheap. Plus I think the bloggess may have made some

  2. Doug in Oakland

    Trying to avoid offending people is actually conservative, isn’t it? I guess I just get that confused with “right wing” because I’m a damn godless liberal…

  3. According to Time Magazine today, Hello Kitty has a cat named Charmmy Kittie. I am nor sure they is relevant to anything but thought I would pass it on. Time went on to note that the revelation caused a pussy riot. Page 36, Man of the Year issue.

      • Something like that apparently. 🙂 But Goofy never had quite the dog status of Pluto. Her was, uh, just Goofy. My grandfather’s sister married the older brother of Pinto Colvig, the creator of Goofy. So I consider Goofy part of the family. Pinto would go on to create Bozo the Clown, which I’m sure is more than you wanted to know about the lineage of Goofy. 🙂 –Curt

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