Hemlock and Laxatives…Here We Come


(Getting back in the car.)

Me: “You totally drank some of my iced tea, didn’t you?”

Caolinn: “I did it in front of you, before you got out of the car.”

Me: “I hate when you do that.  You know I don’t like people drinking from my drink.”

Caolinn: “Would you prefer that I did it behind your back?”

Me: “I’d prefer that you didn’t drink my stuff at all.”

Caolinn: “Well…I think we both know that’s not going to happen.”

55 thoughts on “Hemlock and Laxatives…Here We Come

    • It’ll be like how I did it to the dog every time she swallowed a sock. Three times later…socks weren’t appealing anymore.

      Before anyone yells about animal abuse, the dog had her bowel resectioned TWICE in two months prior to this, from the same crime, so I drugged her to save her. 🙂

  1. i HATE sharing my drink. it’s always my boy child. always. drinks. from. my. drink. I get mad and then he says something like, “you are my MOM. you birthed me. I am DYING of thirst.” to which I say, “I DON’T FREAKING CARE.” to which he still gets all sad. WTH???

  2. Just ask her why she is sipping out of your spit cup. Even if she knows you are fibbing the revulsion genes will activate and she’ll break out every time she sits next to your cup.

  3. Even my coffee isn’t safe 😦

    Abe figured out the deterrent to the kids drinking from his glass. He gets an Arnold Palmer. Too bad I hate that drink more than I hate them getting into mine

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