Just Wait Until We Get To Narwhals


Me: “So why would a polar bear need black skin?”

D’Avonte: “Because black is beautiful!”

Me: “True, however…anyone else?”

Josh: “Because it absorbs heat?”

Me: “Good one, Josh!  Okay, so they have black skin, but they have white fur.  It would make sense, to get more heat, to have black fur, so why do you think they have white fur?”

D’Avonte: “Girrrrl. because white fur makes them look fly as hell.”

Me: (sigh)  “Anyone else?”


41 thoughts on “Just Wait Until We Get To Narwhals

  1. pjsandchocolate

    I’ve got money on D’Avonte saying that “Narwharls have some fucked up grills, and those bitches need to see a dentist” or some variant.

  2. Delving into the minds of teens could result in an altered reality, one impossible to come back from after long exposures. Heavy wine and chocolate consumption helps ease the symptoms.

  3. Doug in Oakland

    I think flying polar bears would be an excellent idea. It might be inconvenient if you’re visiting the arctic and one swoops down and steals your lunch, but imagine a rogue flock of them flying south to Sarah Palin’s house and pooping in her hairdo from above…

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