This Is Why People Cover Their Couches With Plastic


Ryan: “Hows the new couch?”

Me: “Amazing!  I love it…it’s sexy as hell.”

Ryan: “Send me a picture.”



Ryan: “Okay, it’s a great couch, but I think sexy might be overstating it a bit.”

Me: “You’re just not looking at it the right way.”

Ryan: “How am I supposed to look at it?”

Me: “Here…look at it this way.”



Ryan: “Annnnd you win.  I stand corrected, sexiest couch ever.”

Me: “Told you.”


**Note: I swear my boobs aren’t lopsided…I just can’t draw for crap…even if it’s to give my tits some dignity.**

70 thoughts on “This Is Why People Cover Their Couches With Plastic

  1. elitosphere

    Is it wrong that this made me want to go out and get a shit load of condoms?

    That really is sexy! And the coffee table ain’t looking too shabby either. *purr*

  2. After Tiger Mom and I talked about how fun your blog was she spent the rest of the day trying to find couches for sale on Cyber Monday. I wanted to talk to her about managing expectations but what the hell, a sexy couch might convince the kids to finally move out…

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