Every Day I Don’t Find Jim Henson’s Hand Up His Ass, I’m A Little Surprised


Seriously…you see it, too, right?


Me: “My dog looks like a Muppet.”

Ryan: “Like Sesame Street?”

Me: “No, more like he looks like that thing that lives on Jabba the Hutt’s ass.”

Ryan: “Salacious Crumb?”

Me: “Huh?”

Ryan: “The thing that lives on Jabba’s ass…his name is Salcious Crumb.”

Me: “You just made that up.”

Ryan: “I did not.”


Ryan: “What!?”

Me: “I have to sleep with you.”


45 thoughts on “Every Day I Don’t Find Jim Henson’s Hand Up His Ass, I’m A Little Surprised

  1. I’m not sure which I love more…the post or the comments 🙂

    I can’t see Gonzo any more without thinking of my hitachi magic wand… because I bought an attachment that looks like Gonzo. It’s gone unused, for the record, for that very reason.

  2. Okay, so…. great attention-grabbing title. I had to come here. I just did, because what the hell might I find… well, I found someone cool enough to know who Salacious Crumb is. Yes, that’s his name, and he does NOT live on Jabba’s ass, for Jabba the Hutt… has no ass.

  3. I can confirm that is his name…but you don’t have to sleep with me. 😉 My husband does, but he would be in no way surprised that I know that.

    I totally see the resemblance, too.

  4. Neither the hand in the butt thing nor the mutt on the butt thing will ever detract from the shock of my learning that Bert and Ernie were once secret service agents in their former life. It was Miss Piggy in that hotel scandal with Kermit that brought the dynamic duo to their ruin. They were too busy bird dogging Big Bird to notice their principle had slipped into that room of brightly colored cloth and foam rubber moral turpitude. There was just no coming back from that.

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