Pretty Sure That Birthmark On Your Ass Is The Sign Of The Beast


Xavier: “I can’t wait to see Big Hero 6, because six is my favorite number.”

Liam: “That’s because you’re the devil.”

Xavier: “Then you’re the devil’s twin…how’s that working out for you.”

31 thoughts on “Pretty Sure That Birthmark On Your Ass Is The Sign Of The Beast

  1. HA! When my kids had these type of interchanges I would tell them to hold still then I would move 5 feet away from them. When they would ask me what I was doing, I would inform them I was putting a safe distance between myself and them to avoid getting inadvertently smited by their bolts of lightening.

  2. Doug in Oakland

    It doesn’t have to be the Devil, you know. Maybe the Flying Spaghetti Monster pulled his noodly appendage into a loop and it just LOOKED like a six.

  3. Thank you for following imaginenewdesigns. It’s fun to observe kids trying to outsmart each other. I also enjoyed the photo with the Bieber caption. It reminded me of a time when I went to the store looking for after-Christmas bargains and saw lots of unsold rolls of Justin Bieber gift wrap in the clearance aisle. Apparently most people where I live (Sacramento) don’t want him either! 🙂

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