Just Be Happy Mommy Doesn’t Do Meth



Unfortunately, every single copy of Maleficent, in a five mile radius, was already rented, so I had to reserve a copy at a Redbox in the world’s worst neighborhood, which the children were only too happy to point out, when we went to get it…


Xavier: “Where is this Redbox located, anyway?”

Caolinn: “On the corner of 27th and Hooker by the looks of it.”

33 thoughts on “Just Be Happy Mommy Doesn’t Do Meth

  1. Cary Vaughn

    It’s nice to see I wasn’t the only one searching Redbox online for a copy of Maleficent. I, however, did not brave the bad neighborhood for the only copy. You deserve some sort of badge for this.

  2. elitosphere

    LOL I’m so dead at this!
    In your defence, though, it IS Disney… this shit is going to lead them into soooo much worse than a couple of hookers and stray crack pipes.

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