For Once…It Wasn’t Me She Was Annoyed By…For Once


So, apparently, my mother was online, and was reading a fluff article where people submitted captions for a photo of the President’s dog.  She thought the captions were hilarious, but evidently, my daughter was having none of this.


11 thoughts on “For Once…It Wasn’t Me She Was Annoyed By…For Once

  1. My daughter totally flipped out when she found out her (68 yr old) grandmother discovered how to text! It is very weird getting texts from my mother……!! AND she even knows how to abbreviate, use anagrams and emoticons! AAAHHH!

      • I have this fear my mother will find my blog!! LOL! I am out on some social media and she actually has a twitter account and LinkedIn!? She is almost 70 why in the hell does she need a LinkedIn account??
        (What WERE you doing?) 😉

    • HA!!! I have friends who have this problem, and I’m constantly embarrassed for them. My mom is actually fine on there. Luckily she has no delusions about who she raised.

  2. Have you ever thought of selling your blog to some network bigwigs so they can create a show called Sh*t My Daughter Says? Maybe we can get Bill Shatner interested… 😉 (Hey, your stuff’s a lot funnier than that was)

  3. ditto Julie cacher. gun to smiley face emoticon needs to be on my t-shirt stat. my grans and my mom are both dead. but, before my mom passed away she used to read my blog. one time she read one of the blogs I follow and I was shocked and couldn’t figure out how she knew that person. she was all (smugly), “um, duh. I found them on your sidebar.” (i could have started using the gun to head emoticon right then.)

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