The Lucha Libra of Lies


leher meme

A conversation about a local politician, while sitting around the dinner table at my parent’s house…

Grandpa: “If he were a member of the royal family, he’d be the Prince of Perjury.”

Xavier: “Grandpa…we’re eating, please don’t talk about throwing up, it’s not appropriate.”


17 thoughts on “The Lucha Libra of Lies

  1. Bless his heart. Perhaps it’s time to introduce him to the fine game of “Word of the Day”. Basically it’s teaching them a new word every day.

    My step-father and I used to do that at supper from the time I was 14 to 18. Rather amazing even today how many words I recognize from Merriam-Webster’s Daily Word because of it.

  2. Haha! When Zach was around 13, he heard me say a particularly ignorant male friend of mine would never be a member of the Mensa Society. Zach said, “Well duh mom, he can’t get periods, he’s a guy!”

  3. stormydreams

    We were children, my sister and I, she was about 4, and I was nearing 10.

    The local grocery gave a free cookie to children who had attended their church that day.

    Lady Behind the Counter “What Church do you go to?”

    My Sister “Oh we’re Prostitutes.”

    Lady Behind Counter Stares at My mother

    “Protestants, she means Protestants.” My mother hiding her face.

    Lady behind the counter gives us each our cookie, and my mother got a cupcake that day LOL.

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