32 thoughts on “Guess I know what we’ll be covering in science this week…

    • Seriously, right!? Kids will know EXACTLY what ponies are when I win the lottery and buy a herd of them. I might even ride one as I leave work every day, throwing gang signs.

      • When I win the lottery I suspect my view numbers here will go up slightly, Meg, as I describe what it’s like to continue to be mostly good, a little bad and to my dear wife Karen’s chagrin, if pushed a quick flash of ugly — cue the classic movie theme song here — every day of my life. Ponies and gang signs, huh? Why not?

  1. Randstein

    I’ve wasted my entire adult life telling my friends I’m tired of being ridden around the parking lot like a fair pony. Now I understand why I’m accused of imagining things. I think cinnamon bun flavored Poptarts with bacon and Nutella and large coffee will change things for me.

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