One Of These Things Is A Brainless Plastic Doll, and The Other Is A Barbie.



Liam: “Why are the Kardashians famous anyway?”

Me: (panicking)  “Ummm…”

Xavier: “They’re famous for being stupid on camera…like the Honey-Boo-Boo family.  They just wear fancy clothes and too much makeup, and people pay attention to them.”

Liam: “What…so they’re just like Barbies?”

Xavier: “No, Barbie always has a job.”

Me: “HA!”

*high five*


Question: How old do you have to be before you find out the truth…that all of Kim K’s fame is because she filmed herself fucking the younger brother of a D-List celebrity?  And that the rest of them are famous for being the sister of of a girl who fucked the younger brother of a D-List celebrity?

35 thoughts on “One Of These Things Is A Brainless Plastic Doll, and The Other Is A Barbie.

  1. OMG! (That’s “gosh”: Ex-Catholic, but still command-following lightning avoidance habits.)

    Good golly, your boys are over-exposed to the news inquiring minds want to know–but I am so happy they are, for we would otherwise be deprived of this hysterical exchange.

    (And what smarties they are. Thank you, Xavier, this time, for that brilliance. 🙂 )

    PLEASE tell me you are planning a vlog for them–daily commentary on sports and infotainment–or just what they saw at school that day (or what Mom and Dad did or said–mwah-ah-ah…). They’d be a smash.

    • They actually know almost nothing about the Kardashians, thank God. They were baffled as to how they scored a cameo on Royal Pains, which I’d like to say baffles me, too, but that show jumped the shark three seasons ago. 🙂

      • Hey, I don’t own a television, and even I know enough about them to be repulsed by them (you know, I’m actually ashamed of that, now that I think about it.).

        Oh, shoot–I know why I know who they are. Deserving of double-shame: Buzzfeed skimmer here–the modern inquiring-mind’s go-to source of skut.

  2. It is beyond sad. Too often the favorites of the media are the most ignorant, most back woods closed minded, and worst examples of humanities lack of dignity and respect. Actually, one of the best shows I watched in recent history was the show where Tony Danza tries to teach high school. It was a great account of how difficult it is to be an educator and how smart our youth really are. They were not glitzed by fame, they just wanted a real teacher and thankfully Danza improved as he went along.

  3. Haven’t been online lately but this morning I woke up, rolled over and read your post on my phone because you always suck me in…
    Hilarious. Just hilarious.
    ‘Barbie always has a job’.
    Just brilliant.
    Thanks for always sucking me in…

  4. Doug in Oakland

    This sort of reminds me of the kid they interviewed (with his dad, I think?) on the Daily Show after he stood up for some gay issue at his school. They were horrified when he told them that some of the other students called him a “gaywad” (I guess because they hadn’t been to a public school in a few decades), and asked him if he knew what that meant. The kid didn’t even blink “It’s a derogatory term for homosexuals”. I loved him for that.
    Are you implying that it’s too late to smother Bieber in his sleep?

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