And I Shall Sing The Song of My People…My, Apparently, Thrifty, Horny People.


Friends…lovers…we need to talk.  For those of you who use WordPress, you know that, as a blogger, they have a spectacularly awesome statistics page which tells you where people are reading you, and how they got there.  Now, either WordPress has added an analytics page, or I’ve just never noticed it, but suddenly, I now get a list of search terms which led people to this blog.  Guys…terrifying…truly.



So…I have a few questions/concerns…

1. What IS “labia minora fun”?

2. Scarier…”Miley Cyrus cover in sperm” or “Canadian singer Corey Hart cock shot”?

3. There’s a superior strip club in Murfreesboro, Tennessee? Is it the best because your sister works there?

4. Raise your hand if you’re surprised that Jon Hamm’s dick is all over this thing.  No one?  I thought so.

5. If you’re looking for hell…Google will lead you here.


50 thoughts on “And I Shall Sing The Song of My People…My, Apparently, Thrifty, Horny People.

  1. I started my blog after Google decided that privacy was more important than giving me something else to laugh at & blog creatively about. I envy those that can actually SEE search terms – 9 time out of 10 all I see is “unknown search terms”. BO-ring!

  2. elitosphere

    Suddenly, I’m not so embarrassed about my browsing habits anymore. I have no clue how you’re tagging your posts so that the world’s most depraved end up on your blog but, lady, you’re definitely doing it right!

    ps, I’m genuinely terrified to know if that person was trying to find out if monkey bread was made with real monkeys, or how to make monkey bread with real monkeys!

    • Let’s be honest…the only reason we care is because monkeys are lovely and charming. If it was a less adorable creature, we’d totally let it slide.

      Right!? Is it weird that I’m happy about being nailed for cheap sex toys and Corey Hart’s dick, even though I’m just about positive that I’ve never even written about Corey Hart!?

      • elitosphere

        Weird?! You’d be weird if you weren’t happy about it! And don’t think about it too closely, according to the internet, you’re the haven for fine connoisseurs of Corey Hart and other perverse sexually-related enjoyment, and the internet is NEVER wrong!

  3. These are hilarious. I discovered this soon after I started blogging, and have written a couple posts about them…one about sex with donkeys. But warning to you… once you post about it, you will get even more traffic…up in the google results you will go!

  4. I get a shit ton of asian ass porn and “how can I tell if my dick’s too small”.

    I think you have to view this as your constituency trying to tell you about the various untapped markets you could be exploiting.

    So how soon can we expect that article on “labia minora fun”?

    • Seriously! What the hell IS that!? The only time I *think* I mentioned labia minora, was in a post about bikini waxing… I assure you that article wasn’t discussing the fun-ness of it.

      Can we review the term “shit ton of Asian ass porn”!? It’s like those words were meant for each other.

  5. Very…interesting variety there. I don’t have many showing up on mine. Guess my blog is still too new. I only see a couple of references to the story about the abused elephant that was freed last week, one reference to the “zoo” in a mall, and a few “unknow search terms”.

  6. I don’t know what ‘sex bobs’ are, and I’m scared to look lest I end back up at my blog, but yeah. That’s all from one post including the terms ‘bits, bobs and lizard sex photos’. Drives more people to my blog than anything. They must be bored once they arrive, haha! The most confounding? “SM pain feel good poetry”. Analytics are awesome 😀

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