Anyone Surprised I Wound Up With A Pox? No? Didn’t Think So.



Universe: “Oh…you start high school today. I think two fresh pimples should do the trick.”

Me: “Noooo! I start TEACHING high school today.”

Universe: “Ohhhh, sorry…teaching high school…then let’s make it three.”

Me: “Fuck.”

47 thoughts on “Anyone Surprised I Wound Up With A Pox? No? Didn’t Think So.

  1. oh man – sucks for you. almost as bad as say starting a new job and getting a mosquito bite in the middle of your forehead which blows up to the size of a bulging quarter on your 2nd day of work while trying to make your best first impression. Cause yeah, that just happened to me last week.
    so i’m with ya girl…

      • Well I have missed , like, a billion posts thinking you hadn’t written anything. I’m going to try pushing random buttons again, but you should ask wp because that shit ain’t right. AINT RIGHT, I say.

      • Sean says… “I think it was simply an unfollow then follow job, when you are reading your blog having already been logged into WP. Or you can try typing your URL into the prompt in the reader section.

        I’m fairly certain it was either one of those. Or it just started working again one day?”

  2. elitosphere

    High school? Yikes. That’s… yikes! How did it go? And that’s just really my way of asking if you made anyone cry.

  3. Hey welcome back to school πŸ™‚ we started yesterday too and although I thankfully had no pimples to worry about, my principal made all our brains hurt by asking us to think about how we thought things were going this year. Then he sat with each faculty and actually LISTENED to us! He even gave us honest answers and transparent feedback to our tentative feedback…. Think that’s a feedback loop? He’s new – it won’t last hey?

  4. Me, why fight it? I would just teach the old Clearasil pimple song to each of my classes (it can be done as a round):

    “I am an acne pimple, lonely as can be…”
    “Don’t cry, pimple, I’ll keep you company.”
    “Hey, fellow pimples, would three be a crowd?”

    “All together, pimples, sing real loud!:


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