Unwittingly, I’ve Given Birth To A Vanderbilt




(Clearly, this conversation took place BEFORE we left…)

My mother: “I forgot to pack my hair dryer.”

Me: “Mom, it’s a four-star boat…they have hair dryers.”

Caolinn: “Four?  What happened to the fifth star?”

Me: (incredulous look) “Caol, the last time someone in this family crossed an ocean…it was in steerage.  Forget about the fifth star, and be happy you’re not getting cholera.”


12 thoughts on “Unwittingly, I’ve Given Birth To A Vanderbilt

    • Mostly, just to entertain myself. I randomly tag weird shit, mostly to see if anyone will notice, which means that you, young lady…WIN A NEW CAR!!! (Okay, you totally don’t. You win some Scientology literature and a Scooby Doo bandaid.)

  1. Franque23 sent me a link to your page. I spent the entire weekend going through the whole thing. Thanks for one of the funniest weekends that I’ve had i a good long while! Makes me want to know you & your family & friends!

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