Pretty Sure This Will Wind Up Being A Story Told At The Inevitable Intervention



Maya: “Did you go out with Janie last night?”

Me: “Yeah, we wound up at Joyride with some pack of bankers and attorneys.”

Maya: “Good night?”

Me: “Well, if the mark of a good night is a grown woman climbing through her doggy door to get home…then it was a fucking great night.”

Maya: “Annnnd, this is why I don’t go out with you guys.”


(For the record…it wasn’t me, because there’s no way I’d fit through a dog door built for a Sheltie.)

4 thoughts on “Pretty Sure This Will Wind Up Being A Story Told At The Inevitable Intervention

  1. Oooh a bunch of bankers and attorneys. That sounds like the most boring jackass crowd possible. They should totally make those doggie doors bigger even if just for our self-esteem. Cool – I just wasted 12 seconds looking up how to spell doggie . To save you future wasted time, it can be spelled both ways.

    • They all went to the same local boy’s prep school, and are all still friends. I will try and refrain from pointing out how typical that is. Oh…wait…

      And I learned something new today!

    • Janie probably weighs 90lbs, and is like 5 ft nothing, so EVERYBODY needs a doggy door bigger than she does. Bitch. I love her…but on this ONE ISSUE…she is a bitch. lol

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