At Least He’s Sexier Than Caucasian Buddha?



A conversation that took place at our collective sons’ baseball game, when my friend spotted her ex-husband on the other side of the playing field.  Note…Jessica is black…just so you don’t think she’s a giant racist…

Jessica: “Look at him over there…with those stupid long dreads and those sandals…looking like black Jesus.”

Me: “Jesus was actually probably pretty black.”

Jessica: “Look at him over there…looking like historically accurate Jesus.”


**I’m back on dry land! In the SeaTac airport, heading home!**

8 thoughts on “At Least He’s Sexier Than Caucasian Buddha?

  1. Welcome back….. Hoping you had an awesome time, and gathered lots of inspiration for future posts.

    Also…. Are all your friends so witty? Is it a prerequisite on the application form? 😉

    • I find most people funny in some way, shape, or form. What kills me is that the funniest things my friends say are usually in a “you had to be there” sort of thing, and so it doesn’t translate to this.

      We had the BEST time. I seriously had fantasies of moving there… Alas…

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