35 thoughts on “Well, They Both Kill Germs (Especially The Ones In Your Liver)

  1. Ya’ know those kids’ T-rex banks with the twisty esophagus and stomach so it takes longer for the penny to drop? I must have one of those, ’cause even being the daughter of an alcoholic, it still took until the third re-read (insert gif of forehead slap HERE).

    Advantage: Never needed to worry about hiding shocked reactions to startling info from students–by the time the news sunk in, the school day was long over.

  2. I was out for dinner at a local club. Wandered around to the bar to get a glass of bubbles. On the way I looked around to see one of the kids from my behaviour management class. He nodded hello and told his dad that his teacher was in the restaurant, and heading to the bar. I had to walk back past them and his dad stared at me the whole way. I was so tempted to walk over, wave the glass at him and say “It’s your kid’s fault – don’t you judge me!” Teachers – keeping liquor companies in business since forever!

    • Ha ha ha!!! I hate running into families in public. For some reason, I always seem to see them when I’m in an ER or at a court house. Hmmmmm…

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