Yes, But He Earned An “A” In Being Hostile And Judgmental.

Sometimes the hardest thing about parenting is keeping a straight face when you’re supposed to be pissed.  Last night…I failed.  Utterly.  This was in Liam’s science test from his folder last night…

1. Lisa wrote the following entry in her science journal: Muscles are only found in the arms and legs. The main job of the muscles is make us strong.

Do you agree with Lisa, explain your answer.

“No, because that is the most [idiotic] thing that I have ever heard in my life.”

2. What else would you write about muscles in YOUR journal?

“That you have muscles everywhere in your body and Lisa is stupid.”

28 thoughts on “Yes, But He Earned An “A” In Being Hostile And Judgmental.

    • He’s a genius, but quirky. He’s either going to revolutionize the world or be a barrista. There is no in-between with him. Luckily for him…he likes cash…I think he’ll chase it.

  1. Well … it’s not as if he’s wrong. Let’s hope Lisa never gives birth, because she’ll discover the hard way that Liam is correct. There are muscles everywhere. However, as a teacher I’d try to coax him toward a better word than stupid … and perhaps to live that sentence out because it gives Lisa attention.

    • Trust me, the last thing I need is for this kid’s vocabulary to be bigger. Last week, he complained that he was tired of me assigning “obsequious tasks”. Read: “Unload the dishwasher”.

    • Liam suffers no fools. When I tried to explain why he needed to be nicer (between being doubled over laughing) his look of injustice was epic.

  2. You guys are killing me here. I want to live there to experience these conversations in real time.
    Lisa better be blonde and give good head – just sayin’.

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