14 thoughts on “Fun Fact: Satan Wipes His Ass With Penguins.

  1. I’m sure you know in real life if there’s polar bears, there’s no penguins ….. They live on opposite ends of the earth… But it would be just like Satan to put them together in his Underworld! They would have nothing to talk about (except standing about saying ‘how bout this heat?’) My favourite question when I returned from a trip to Antarctica was ‘did you see any polar bears?’ …. Um, no they don’t live there…

    And yeah, that’s a very disturbing image ….. I need another drink!

    • Okay, I want to get back to the part where YOU WENT TO ANTARCTICA!? What the…? Madam, again, you impress and amaze me.

      Although, I’ll have you know that penguins live in The Bronx. I know this because my father stole two from the zoo there. True story.

      • Antarctica was a 14 day cruise/expedition, part of a 6 month round the world thing where we went to all continents (I’m so counting Egypt as Africa!) Antarctica was truly amazing, and the penguins were really cute.

        Stealing penguins from the zoo?! Wow! That’s a story I’d like to hear!

      • That is AWESOME. And I would totally count Egypt as Africa, especially as it’s one of the places that are seriously on my list of to-dos.

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