I’m One Vial Of Lion’s Sperm From Making Myself A Griffin.



Me: “The real Easter miracle this year?  My neighbor found the last egg today by our fence.  One more day and it would have hatched a basilisk.”

Drew: “Wait…don’t you cook those eggs?”

Me: “Yeah, why?”

Drew: “Well, if it’s been cooked, it can’t hatch.”

Me: “To be clear…you’re saying the reason why I can’t hatch a mythical, giant snake out of a chicken egg…is because I hard-boiled it, first…”

Drew: “I’d like to remind you that, according to you…the egg in question was hidden by a giant, magical rabbit.”

Me: “Touche.”

13 thoughts on “I’m One Vial Of Lion’s Sperm From Making Myself A Griffin.

  1. You have a male friend who listens to your stories about Easter eggs.
    And now I can’t stop thinking of Jake Gyllenhaal because Donnie Darko/big magical rabbits and also because I’m always thinking about Jake Gyllenhaal.

  2. And… there’s that rabbit photo again. Second day straight. You’re staring to imbalance me. By the way, as Fay says above, Donnie Darko rules. Giant time-travelling teenaged hole-in-eye rabbit. That’s what Easter is all about.

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