I Hope They Make A Handbasket Big Enough.



Two horrifying things that happened during the early morning Easter egg hunt.

Xavier: “Mom, did you hide any eggs in the entertainment center.”

Me: “I have no idea what the Easter Bunny does.”

Xavier: (whispering) “Liiiiiar.”



Caolinn: “Wait…was Easter the day Jesus died, or the day he came back.”

Me: “It was the day he was resurrected.”

Caolinn: “Oh, that makes more sense.  Now that I think about it…that’s kind of like what happened with Yoda.”

Me: “Yeah…we need to go to church today.”

8 thoughts on “I Hope They Make A Handbasket Big Enough.

    • It sort of is…it’s also a day where we pretend that a giant rabbit breaks into our homes and leaves candy, that we allow our children to eat it, and everyone is just sort of okay with that.

  1. The Easter bunny packed mini Turkish delight Easter eggs in our luggage as a surprise so I could have chocolate for breakfast and also some for the very long, 10 hour bus ride from Granada to San Jose. I think it was my man but he swears by the Easter bunny….. So when customs asked if he packed his own bag, did he lie??

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