16 thoughts on “Finally…Something Scarier Than The Dentist

  1. I’m pretty sure a maximally invasive gynecologist does all the normal stuff.

    A minimally invasive gynecologist takes a few pics with a digital camera, tells you that you look “healthy,” and gives you a lollipop.

    • You’ve just described every guy who has tried to date me, since my divorce. 🙂

      (by the way…fucking HILARIOUS, and made me laugh myself into a coughing fit)

  2. I have no words for this. okay, two words. fucked up. but very, very funny. sorry, that was six words. minimally invasive checks your throat? for herpes? maximally invasive removes your uterus? for birth control? just guesses.

  3. That’s a riot! I have to call and ask. Reminds me of an old Sophie tucker joke! (Hope you don’t mind.)

    Sophie ‘ s BF, Ernie keeps giving her a hard time because she refuses to wear underwear. So when she goes to the dr. For a cough Ernie calls ahead and tells the dr. to tell Sophie she’s must wear underwear!

    The dr. looks down her throat and tells her to say “aaaah”.

    When she does, the dr says, “Soph! You aren’t wearing any underwear!”

    Soph replies, “You can tell that by looking down my throat? Do me a favor doc! Look up my dress and tell me if my hat’s on straight!”

  4. I had to Google this! Couldn’t resist. (Btw, the timing of your post. ..uncanny. I had my annual poking swabbing the day before I read your post.) Evidently it refer to laparscopic treatments as opposed to fill on surgery. Damn! I assumed that was the new protocol everywhere. Doesn’t say much for Arizona medicine. ..

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