4 thoughts on “Parenting…I’m Doing It Wrong

  1. Just checking my favourite MILF is still there..? I’ve not seen you hanging out in places you probably shouldn’t be of late.

    So I can only conclude that you’re getting some action? At least one of us is.

    PS – I may have used that MILF line on 19 other bloggers. But I meant it this time.

    • Seanners!

      I’ve been breaking for spring, which means far less flashing drunken frat boys for beads, and far more napping in between binge watches of Netflix. I wish I were lying. *sigh*

      Darling, I know that between us…it’s special. In the way that a bowl of Lucky Charms is special. Sure…everybody can get themselves a piece, but does it REALLY mean we enjoy it any less?

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