7 thoughts on “Scarlet Fever

  1. Um… I’m guessing you have red hair? I seem to recall that tidbit somewhere. Unless I’m wrong. Or thinking of someone else. Yeah. ‘Cause my brain works that way sometimes. Of course, in MY world, you ARE… like… young.

  2. George Michael: We don’t even know how old she is. No one does. She was chaperoning the Diversity Dance and I thought, like, maybe as a joke thing, I’d go up to her and be like, “Oh, hey, do you want to dance?” And she’d be like, “Eh, what the heck,” right? Or something, I don’t know. I did it differently in the mirror, but…

    Michael: Right.

    George Michael: Like, it would like be joke dancing or something. I didn’t think it through.

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