Mother Of The Year…Right Here.



Me: “Caolinn, before you say that to her, you really need to think about where she might be coming from, that she was mean to you in the first place.  Everyone is fighting some sort of battle, so you should be kinder than you need to be.”

Caolinn: “MOM!  Why does EVERYTHING have to be a life lesson with you!?

Me: “Everything in this life is a lesson, you just need to open your eyes and see what the world is trying to teach you.”

Caolinn: “ARGH!  AGAIN WITH THE LESSONS!  Sometimes it’s JUST some girl being a bitch to me, okay!?”

Me: “Or is it…maybe…”

Caolinn: “Shut up, I hate you.”

14 thoughts on “Mother Of The Year…Right Here.

  1. true words. my 5 year old said yesterday, “mom, can you make me a nutella sandwich tomorrow.” I said, “just nutella? no. it must have something else.” she said, “ok. nutella and marshmallow creme. and instead of using bread, could you use graham crackers?” yeah. not going to happen. but, nice try!

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