And Next To That Fresh Mound Of Dirt, You’ll Notice The Mature Citrus Trees…



Casey: “How was the house?”

Me: “Yeah…it was a definite no.”

Casey: “Bad layout?”

Me: “I don’t want to overstate anything…but I’m 99% sure the ‘storage room’ was once used as a dungeon.”

Casey: “Excuse me?”

Me: “A dungeon.”

Casey: “Like a sexy, Fifty Shades of Gray dungeon?”

Me: “No…more murder-y.  I can forgive bad flooring, but for that price, it can’t have a murder room.  They need to come down at least forty-thousand.”

Casey: *pause* “Forty-thousand is enough to make you forgive a crime scene?”

Me: “It had a guest house.”

Casey: “A guest house!?  You didn’t tell me it had a guest house!  Call the realtor and we’ll show up with a blacklight and I’ll get them to knock off sixty.”

Me: “Can you also negotiate an exorcism?”

Casey: “Done.”

8 thoughts on “And Next To That Fresh Mound Of Dirt, You’ll Notice The Mature Citrus Trees…

  1. you had me at the use of “murder-y” to describe a house. I swear to god the last time we were looking at houses I totally questioned motives and had every home seller tagged as a serial killer. one house had doors that opened to concrete walls. about six of them. um, creepy? another had a small room off the…….pantry. not really appropriate for wine….or jewels or weapons. caged children much? there need to be more blog posts dedicated to home buying, home descriptions, and haunted houses/crime scenes that are on the market.

    • Seriously, and at the risk of sounding completely insane. I get a weird sixth sense thing in places, where I just feel like something is “wrong” sometimes. That storage room…WAY WRONG. I, actually, checked out one later that day that looked amazing, but had the worst energy. Someone had seriously had the wrong seance in that joint. lol

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