Nerdery: A Tale Told In Two Parts…


Maybe I shouldn’t have chosen THIS meme to discuss my son and daughter bantering with each other. I am a TERRIBLE mother.

Liam: “I just asked the Magic 8-Ball if I was going to be a superhero when I grow up, and it said ‘Most Likely’.”

Caolinn: “Yeah, well, if you get bitten by a radioactive spider, we’re selling that thing for a lot of money.”


Liam: “I read that some scientists in Russia accidentally made a real lightsaber.”

Caolinn: “No one ‘accidentally’ makes a lightsaber, Liam. Nerds, everywhere, have been trying to pull that one off for years.  Trust me…that’s like ‘accidentally’ curing cancer…it ain’t happenin’.”

11 thoughts on “Nerdery: A Tale Told In Two Parts…

  1. That’s a pretty smart cookie you have there. “Accidently” made a light saber… She’s right. They were probably trying to do something else and it all came together unexpectedly in a dreamed-of form!

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