Pony From Hell



Caolinn: “What’s your pony name?”

Me: “My what?”

Caolinn: “Your My Little Pony name. It’s supposed to reflect who you are.”

Me: “Well, then I have one seriously twisted pony.”

Caolinn: “I bet it has a REALLY long, complicated name.”

Me: “I bet you can’t say it in mixed company.”

Caolinn: “I bet its cutie mark is a skull and crossbones.”

Me: “I bet it’s a pony that would stick you.”

Caolinn: “I don’t think you understand My Little Pony.”


3 thoughts on “Pony From Hell

  1. Ponies of the Night: Winged Vampire Unicorns Pierce with Their Horns and Lap Blood from Their Bleeding Victims!!!!

    Daylight will not save you…. A wooden stake will not save you… Only RAINBOW POWER can save you!!!

    The rainbow as reflected through an extra-sparkly heart-shaped crystal, available through our sponsor for only nineteen-ninety-five, for twenty minutes after each broadcast.

    You have been WARNED!!!!!

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