Goooood Morning Oman!!!!!!



Me: “I’m looking at my blog stats, and someone from Oman has been reading the crap out of my blog.”

Tracy: “Oman?”

Me: “Right!?”

Tracy: “Someone from Oman is reading your blog?”

Me: “Italy, South Africa, Australia, UK, Canada, a few other places…but Oman is making a serious showing.”

Tracy: “You think this is a good thing?  Have you READ your blog?  You’re completely offending people on a global scale now.  People in other countries now know that you want to kill off pandas and have you have your bush waxed, and you’re happy about that?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Tracy: “Okay, but don’t complain when China stops letting our zoos have those fat bastards because they’re afraid of us.”

Me: “Yes, but that serves my purpose.  Just think of all the money I can save our country, that they would have been spending trying to make pandas horny.”

Tracy: “Yeah…you’re a national hero.”


If you’ll allow me to nerd out just a little bit.  The fact that this blog has been read in over 30 countries makes me happier than I can possibly express.  It’s amazing how small the world has gotten, and how we’re all so accessible to each other and our ideas.  The fact that ANYBODY is reading this is rather amazing, but, truly, reading my blog stats, every day, and seeing hits from other countries…that’s a special little thrill.

Totally awkward and slightly too long hugs…


22 thoughts on “Goooood Morning Oman!!!!!!

  1. Confession time, I may be IN Oman but I am definitely NOT Omani, so no worries about offending international sensibilities, besides I am pretty sure I have that gig all wrapped up. I am more of a misplaced Texan following my husband around the globe as he pursues his career. I keep showing up in your stats because for some reason my stupid browser says you have a new post every single time someone posts a comment on an existing blog post. I check my computer and go “Oh Look something new!” And then I screw up your stats. Sorry? Oh and any hits from Malawi over the last 3 years, yeah that’s probably me too.

    BTW I found your blog because of the fabulous Monica (of the blue hair) over at A Day In the Life. We are friends IRL and the blog-o-sphere too, she has the best blogs on her blog roll, so of course I read them all.

  2. ok. so this is funny. i’m scrolling through my blogroll to see what’s new and i read your title and i’m all, “HOLY SHIT! MEGLYMC KNOWS SOMEONE IN OMAN AND I DO, TOO.” so, now i’m not nearly as excited as i was a mere three seconds ago. but, it’s okay. because I love both of you, so it’s all good. oh, and meglymc – I don’t really think pandas are real. someday they will all just take their heads off at the same time and come after us for going to such desperate lengths to keep them alive.

    • Ha ha!!! Even you were fooled. I will admit that part of me was sad that it wasn’t an ACTUAL Omani, and part of me was relieved because I SUCK at being an ambassador for my country. Seriously. I’m like the opposite of the state department.

      OMG…I think you are totally on to something. I say we sneak into the zoo and try and pull their heads off. Either way…we win.

    • Seriously, I get such a sick thrill. I also text my mom when I get a new one. She was super confused when I texted “Italy!”, and she just thought that I was requesting Italian food for dinner. *sigh*

      • that’s pretty sure that in the islamic world, MILF means something else..take filipino al qaeda affiliates for example..they have this group they call: Moro Islamic Liberation Front – MILF..
        and yes, you can google to know that i’m not shitting you..
        hi, im new to the blogosphere..currently binge reading interesting blogs like yours..

      • LOL…Worst name for a militant group ever. It’s hard to take someone’s extremism seriously, when you’re laughing your ass off. Welcome to my dark, dark corner of the internet! 🙂

  3. Back when I was posting regularly, I had readers from all over. The Korean readers weren’t a mystery – my brother and his wife live there. Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Iraq were another brother. There were other countries though, that I never quite got. The Phillipines and India were the biggest mysteries. NO idea who they were.

  4. Congratulations on being read in 30 countries! That’s fantastic!

    Can you please explain the picture in this post? Does dressing up like a panda really help to catch pandas??!

    • Seriously, if pandas are too dumb to tell the difference between one of their own and us dressed like one…maybe we shouldn’t be trying so hard to make MORE of them. If a human could be fooled by a panda wearing a man suit, we never would have made any important advancements…like…text messaging and the Keurig.

      Thanks! I think I actually hit 40 this week, which sings to my not so secret nerdy streak. 🙂

  5. Okay, my backside and back are aching terribly as I enjoy/endure a monster marathon of your posts on this, my first day of “discovering” your blog (after you discovered and Followed mine–Thank you!). I began at what seemed to be the very first of your archived posts: June (or was it July?) 2013. Yet, it is clear that this was NOT the first post, for I keep seeing references to other posts that I have missed along the way. Waxing your bush? Huh? Where/when did THAT post happen?

    I is confused.

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