Dogma and Horsema

Bareback Mountain, indeed.

Bareback Mountain, indeed.

J: “Where are you headed?”

Me: “District office.”

J: “May the force be with you.”

Me: “And also with you.”

J: “You’re like a goddamn Episcopal Jedi.”

Me: “Episcopal?  Try Catholic.”

J: “Oh.  Extra guilt.”

Me: “Yes, but we are also required to exclusively bareback, so that’s a plus.”

J: “I’m pretty sure that’s not what they’ve been teaching you.”

Me: “Agree to disagree.”

(Note: If you type “bareback” into google images…you rarely get a picture involving horses.  Even if you type in “bareback horses”.  )

11 thoughts on “Dogma and Horsema

  1. Being a cradle Episcopalian, “May the Force be with you.” always brings the knee-jerk response “And also with you.” Until my husband started going to church with me, he was very puzzled by my responses during Star Wars movies…

  2. They no longer ring the jingley bells? The Lutherans still ring a bell (not a bunch of little jingley ones, though.) Why don’t the Catholics? I always liked those signals. How else do you know when to look up from praying? (I like to see the goblet and host raised.)

    Conditioned responses are a comfort when they’re about non-threatening things. Someone says “My fault”, what Catholic (or ex-Catholic) doesn’t automatically respond silently “Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa”? Guilt is GOOD.

    Spank me. ; )

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