Everything Is Better With Leather



(After four consecutive episodes of Sons Of Anarchy)

Me: “Huh.”

R: “What?”

Me: “You know this is really just a soap opera set in a biker gang.”

R: *horrified look* “A soap opera!?  What do you base that on?”

Me: “All the slapping.  Seriously.  They’re just some shoulder pads and a push into a pool away from being Dynasty.”

R: “I’ve never watched Dynasty, but I’m guessing that it didn’t have a fat hairy guy going down on two strippers on a biker bar pool table, white supremacists blinding a guy with a pool cue, or a guy named ‘Half-Sack’ constantly showing off his partially empty scrotum.”

Me: “Yeah…Dynasty could have been WAY better.”

(Six episodes later…)

Me: “Okay, I think we’ve officially watched too many episodes, in a row.”

R: “How can you POSSIBLY say that?”

Me: “Because I’m starting to appreciate the way Jax walks, and you know how much it used to annoy me. Seriously, I’m terrified I’m now going to be attracted to swaggering men in dirty leather.”

R: *switching channels* “Annnnnnd, Big Bang Theory it is…”

8 thoughts on “Everything Is Better With Leather

  1. You should’ve been watching Dallas instead of Dynasty… JR was always exposing his nuts in some form I’m sure!

    Oh and I was casually stalking you on Twitter the other day and noticed that the Bloggess follows you… That pretty much makes you blogging royalty!

    • It’s pathetic, but her following me is pretty much the greatest accomplishment I have to date. Aside from the people I birthed and that time I did CPR on a guy. 🙂 I lurve her.

  2. yeah, I noticed that ^ too the other day. you. have. arrived. oh, and I guess I really must *make time* for sons of anarchy. finishing orange is the new black has left a gaping hole in my life.

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