You Might Not Want To Say Anything

This scene would have gone far more differently, if he had been playing speed metal.

This scene would have gone far more differently, if he had been playing speed metal.

A text conversation with Sadie…

Me: I have a date with a guy that looks like Lloyd Dobler, after he grew up.

Sadie: Soooo, like Jon Cusack?

Me: No, he’s not all bloated.  This is like what we THOUGHT he’d wind up looking like.

Sadie: Well, as I sit here, polishing off my dinner of Honeynut Cheerios, listening to my 3 yr old throw a complete fit, while her father tries to put her to bed…  I’m insanely jealous.  Have fun.  Try not to hum “In Your Eyes” the entire time.

Me: Do you remember when I said that Diane would have gotten to London, woken up, realized he was a loser, and then left him for a college professor, and you argued with me?

Sadie: I’m guessing that conversation came before baby #2.  I was a lot more romantic then.  If ever a girl had a daddy complex, and would bang a teacher…it was Diane.

Me: If I decide that I don’t like him, and I give him a pen, do you think he’ll get it?

Sadie: If he gets it, you’ll probably like him again.

Me: Fucking irony.

4 thoughts on “You Might Not Want To Say Anything

  1. Somehow I managed to miss ever seeing this movie – but I do like John Cusak. Still, the movie and this scene are iconic enough that I actually know what you’re talking about. Did you ever see the “Drop Dead Diva” episode where Fred reenacted this scene because he thought this was how all humans courted?

      • I LOVE “Drop Dead Diva”! I don’t have cable or satellite so I have to wait for it to appear on Netflix. I was so bummed when the show got cancelled and thrilled when the viewers screamed to have it back. I’m all caught up to the current season, which I’ll have to wait for until next year ( 😦 )

        Guess we don’t have to SAY anything because we’ve SEEN everything, huh?

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