Spirit Week My Ass



Me: “Why don’t you want to participate in crazy hat day?”

Liam: “Because the laaaaassssst time, they said it would be the most fun ever. And it wasn’t! It was just like every other day…  BUT.  WITH.  HATS.

8 thoughts on “Spirit Week My Ass

      • In MY day, we not only had to walk to school barefoot every day, with snow on the ground from August to May (in Texas no less), but we got to wear hats on hat day completely for free! Wait, we didn’t have a hat day, because nobody had thought of that yet. Does that mean I’m old? Okay, but not as old as my daughter says I am, right? Geeze, pass me the Metamucil, will ya? I thought from my coffee didn’t taste right.

      • Ha ha! This is Arizona, where we walk both ways in the flat dirt. We WISH we had precipitation.

        I’m with you on the fiber. A clean colon is a happy colon.

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