Why Does the Dog’s Butt Smell Like Listerine?


Miracles don’t just happen on tortillas, folks.

Every night, after I tuck her in, my daughter wants me to lay down with her, which inevitably results in the dog (Sully) jumping in the bed, as well.

Me: “Yeah, there’s nothing more relaxing than listening to the dulcet tones of Sully, licking himself.  Yeah, that’s it, boy…really get on in there.”

Caolinn: “Hey, he likes to keep himself clean.”

Me: “If he likes to be clean, you’d think he wouldn’t hate baths so much.  You’d think he’d be all, ‘Hey, there’s one less day I have to lick my own ass.'”

*moving to get up and go to my own bed*

Caolinn: “You cannot leave on that note.  Lay back down and start talking about something that doesn’t involve the dog’s anus.”

*long pause*

Me: “I got nothing.”

Caolinn: *sigh*

14 thoughts on “Why Does the Dog’s Butt Smell Like Listerine?

  1. I just recently figured out how to sign up for email alerts when you post something new. And the subject line, for my very first email alert from you? “Why Does the Dog’s Butt Smell Like Listerine?”

  2. we need to start praying to your dog’s ass quick! “sully’s ass, please keep me out of rush hour traffic when I have to pee and protect me from the PTA moms.”

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