If Only the Powerball Offered a Manticore…



As you may or may not know, I work with children with severe emotional and behavioral disorders.  Almost daily, someone will tell me that they have no idea how I do my job, and I tell them that I *LOVE* my job.  My kids are the absolute best…they just need more care and understanding to get through a day.  Today, I was reminded, in spades, just how lucky I am, to do what I do.

(After I drew names out of the bucket to see who would get a special privilege this afternoon…)

Kid: “Yes! I crossed my fingers, and I won! It works!”

Me: “Hey, next time you decide to cross your fingers, think about me winning something.”

Kid: “I’m going to cross my fingers and hope Miss McMcerson gets a rainbow-farting unicorn.”

Me: “Awesome….maybe cash, though?”

Kid: *look of absolute disdain*  “Cash can’t buy a rainbow-farting unicorn.”

Me: “Touche.”

8 thoughts on “If Only the Powerball Offered a Manticore…

  1. It seems that crossing finger really works. And kids sometimes say the funniest things they could ever think of. It is nice to see that you have creative kids with unusual thinking. I guess other kids will think of crossing their fingers to win cash. Thanks for sharing the delightful story.

  2. *crossing my fingers and wishing for lots and lots of cash*………………………………………………….*and a unicorn that farts cash……….just in case*……………………..

  3. I usually stop by here to make a dry-witted comment or two. I am putting on my serious hat for a moment to say I have tremendous respect for the work that you do. I am struggling a bit in my life, in that I love the work I do but it doesn’t have that hands-on, make a difference factor. I have been exploring other ways of doing that, but I want to say thank you here for being you, teacher-san. Those kids sound kick ass cool.

    • Awww! Thanks, Robyn! Seriously, this whole thing started with a weird epiphany when I was 19, and it hadn’t led me wrong. I’m so, so grateful that I get to spend every day with these kids. Granted, there are days that I am more grateful than others. 🙂

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