Don’t Look a Gift Boob In the Mouth


Smallest. Pasties. Ever.

Me: “Okay, everybody out of timeout and get dressed. You’re going to Grandpa’s, so I can go to my appointment.”

Caolinn: “Where are you going?”

Me: “To have a mammogram.”

Xavier: “What’s a mammogram?”

Liam: “It’s when you go look at a mammoth.”
30 seconds later…

Xavier: “Why do we have to get dressed?”

Caolinn: “Shush, Xavier, just get dressed…mom’s boobs just saved us from time out.”

7 thoughts on “Don’t Look a Gift Boob In the Mouth

    • hahahahahaha! testament to the fact that we met on the internet and not IRL because then you would know that I could never get my boobs to pay for anything because I am flat busted (and, yes, I see what I did there, but it was intentionally unintentional). I was thinking more in terms of people I know, but not necessarily (if ever) myself.

  1. Hahaha!!!! My son cringed the first time I explained to him what a mammogram was, but he understands the importance. This bodes well for my future daughter-in-law. I’m pretty up front with him about “girl stuff”.

  2. I just had my first mammogram. The finding: really dense breasts. I thought that was just the contents of my skull, but apparently many of my parts are equally dense.

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