Squat No More.


Ladies.  Are you like me?  Every time you enter a urine-rich environment, do you wonder how glorious it would be to never sit while voiding, again?  Do you cry, “WHY, GOD!?  Why must I bend both knee and hip!?  Why has thou forsaken me!?”

Well, ladies…argue with the heavens, no more.

A company, aptly named, “Lady Elegance” has has come to our rescue, and…it’s even on sale.  Yes, you heard me correctly, not only will you be able to pee, standing alongside your man, almost like an equal, but you will be able to do it on the cheap.

May I present…the Lady Urinal.


Ladies…potential snow writers…friends…please, don’t waste another moment.  Log in to Groupon immediately and join the other 1,000 plus women who have snatched up this opportunity.  We only have five days before this offer ends.  Just THINK of what we, as a gender, can do to improve the handwriting in snow banks across this great nation, once the urine-playing-field is even.  Today it’s the urinal…tomorrow…maybe even the Presidency.

I want names.  Over a thousand of them.

I want names. Over a thousand of them.

The deal, folks…is on.

4 thoughts on “Squat No More.

  1. yeah, I want names, too. because i’m a skeptic. possibly they bought these by *accident*? it was late, they googled PEZ and got confused?………..I can only hope.

  2. Every time I’m forced to go camping, or piss in a public restroom, I yearn for a penis. Wow…. now I can have the next best thing. A plastic crotch funnel. Though I’d like mine flesh-colored, and anatomically correct for my amusement. And make it larger than my husband’s, so I’m the clear winner when we’re side-by-side at the urinal. AND can they make a loop on it so I can wear it around my neck? OH! The possibilities.

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