Hammering and Nailing.



(The boys, riding in the backseat, spot a “place of business”.)

Xavier “Mom, that place is called The Anvil! Mom, can we go there!? Do they have blacksmiths!?”

Liam: “That would be so cool! STOP THE CAR!”

Xavier: “Mom, why are you laughing?”

Liam: “Mom, this isn’t funny; we really want to see this!”


Xavier: “Uh oh.”

Liam: (whispering) “I don’t know what we did, but I bet it goes on Facebook.”


9 thoughts on “Hammering and Nailing.

    • I’m saving this one for when they’re 17, and they bring a date over. “Honey, do you remember the time that you wanted me to take you to a fetish bar? Awwww, you were a sweet little chap.”

  1. hahahahahaha! bubba has been practicing his parkscape moves and he has “mastered” the perpendicular hold on a street sign pole (if by “mastered” he means “attempts pitifully”), so he shouts to me (in front of a bunch of people milling about at our neighborhood park), “MOM, LOOK! I CAN POLE DANCE!” although i desperately wanted to, i was too horrified to FB it.

  2. AWESOME. I remember my son reading a sign, “Girls girls girls.” He was probably 8 or 9. He said, “OMG, ew, why would someone want to go THERE?” He was so annoyed with me when I just laughed.

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