Now, I’m not saying that my sons did anything to their sister’s iPod, but, every three times you incorrectly enter the passcode, it locks you out for one hour.  This is what she found, when she came home from a sleepover.


Hopefully, in thirteen years when she’s finally able to open this thing, she feels nothing but shame for having LMFAO and Ke$ha on here.

8 thoughts on “idon’tTouch

  1. Oh I remember the days when my sisters would mess with my crap because they were jealous I was out on an overnight trip.

    I eventually learned to hide all my favorite possessions and before I leave, mess with their stuff so when they seemed satisfied and when to play on their iPod, they weren’t able to either. Karma is a bitch.

  2. i do that all the time to my buddies phones and gadgets; lock them out for an insane amount of time, if a poor chump hands me his phone unlocked, i change everything, including switching the language to arabic or chinese..
    i’m also the reason why whenever we go out, we all turn in everything that can take photos or videos to the designated “St. Peter”..he stuffs them in a plastic bag and locks it in the trunk of his car..
    there’s been too many threats of being disowned by their families already because of me..ahahaha..

    • Seriously, the most dangerous thing to happen to society…the camera phone. We had a teacher, a few years ago, who had hers stolen by an 8th grader, who promptly sent questionable texts to the entire staff…followed by the topless pictures of her, that were unprotected on her phone. Suuuuuper awkward and embarrassing. Camera phone might be one of the major reasons why I pretty much never drink. That and I’m a giant baby…there is that.

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