9 thoughts on “And, Now, Her Brother…

  1. Did they have to be cut off like a wedding ring on swollen fingers?

    I have to pry my kid out of his too tight undies. I buy a bigger size and sneak into his drawers like a ninja to remove the offending thigh squeezers.

  2. It took me until today to remember that he once had a urinary tract infection. It so wasn’t a big deal, and it happened when he was, like, three. The fact that he remembers this, but can’t remember whether or not he’s wearing shoes, RIGHT NOW, is proof that men care more about their penis than anything else.

  3. oh. my. god. are we related? like seriously? because our children could be cousins. I should know this just so that we aren’t later in a situation like on days of our lives when the cousins fell in love (because like, of course, there are 8 million people on earth to fall in love with, but with soap opera lying pigs you always fall in love with the ONE cousin you are RELATED to??? the f*ck???) and then the parents had to admit their lives were based solely on lies. please don’t make my life a lie.

  4. Bahahahahaha! It could be worse…. like some of my son’s chonies. He’s got a pair that the entire ass is missing. I’ve thrown them away twice. They keep getting back into the drawer. He likes them because they’re “airy.” Why bother wearing them!? Boys!

    • Seriously! I honestly thing the more damage to them, the better they like them. It’s a corollary to when they’re adults, and they get fascinated by strippers. 🙂

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